Dragon Ball Super 62 Recap & Review – “I’ll Protect the World! Turnks’ Angry Super Power Explosion!!”

Dragon Ball Super picks up this week with yet another strong episode! Future Trunks has just surpassed his normal Super Saiyan form, and is now able to hold his own against Black and Zamasu. Whether this form is a variation of Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan God or something totally new, is yet to be explained. With Goku severely injured, Vegeta tries to help Trunks fend off Black and Zamasu, but fails, and the crew flees back to the present timeline, leaving Trunks to buy some time while they think of a way to defeat the evil duo.

In the present, Vegeta fills Beerus and Whis in on what happened while they were in the future. Beerus seems to not care about what happens in the future timeline-Zamasu is now dead in the present timeline, so his work is done in his eyes. Beerus and Whis leave earth, to Bulma’s dismay.

After this, we see that present Trunks and Goten want to return to the future to help, but Bulma does not allow them. Meanwhile, Chi-Chi and Gohan go to Bulma’s place to ask about Goku’s whereabouts, and discover the events that have been going on. Chi-Chi is particularly distraught about hearing that Black killed Goten in the future timeline. Gohan is also shocked to hear that something of this gravity is occurring to Future Trunks’ world. Perhaps we’ll see some more Gohan action in the upcoming episodes? Hopefully!

The crew brainstorms ways to defeat Black and Zamasu, and Piccolo steps in with a blast from the past. Piccolo suggests the Mafuuba (Evil Containment Wave) technique, an ability originally introduced in original Dragon Ball series. To refresh your memory, the Mafuuba technique was used to seal King Piccolo during his original reign of terror, and it was used a couple of times in attempts to re-seal him after he was released. Since Black’s Super Saiyan Rosé form is too powerful to defeat, and Zamasu is now immortal, they could contain them using Mafuuba. Goku, now healed, goes to Kame Island to get Master Roshi to teach him the technique. It doesn’t take that many tries before Goku successfully performs the technique with Turtle as his test subject.

Meanwhile, Beerus meets up with Gowasu and confronts him about their problems in the future timeline. The episode ends with Gowasu admitting that this is all his fault for choosing Zamasu as an apprentice, and agrees to help.

This episode is lighter on the action, unfortunately. While we didn’t see as much of Trunks’ new form as I would have liked, we still got some very nice plot development as the team regroups after a resounding defeat, and formulates a new plan to defeat Black. Reintroducing Mafuuba is an awesome callback to the original Dragon Ball series, and is very welcome, especially since Super has been a little bit spotty in terms of continuity. It looks like it won’t take long for the heroes to return to the future to continue their battle, so hopefully the series keeps this momentum.

+New Super Trunks form is awesome

+Team Goku’s escape is nail-bitingly stressful

+Reintroducing Mafuuba is an awesome callback to Dragon Ball

+What’s Beerus up to?

-Chi-Chi and Gohan are still kind of annoying







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