Fan-Made 3D Remake of Link’s Awakening Looks Incredible

Ty Anderson is a modder who is attempting to create his version of Link’s Awakening using the Ocarina of Time engine. The trailer he released yesterday (check it on his facebook page) shows off a few stunning environments that are making my nostalgia sirens explode, with tons of recognizable elements from the original game transplanted into 3D. Link’s Awakening 64 is especially fascinating because it isn’t simply a remake-Anderson is adding story elements from the Link’s Awakening manga, as well as original elements. I’ve got to say, it looks really, really fun.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening holds a very special place in my heart as one of the best games in Nintendo’s action adventure series. Despite the technical limitations of the Game Boy system, Nintendo managed to pull off one of its darkest and most compelling stories up to that point, filled with great puzzles and fights. This isn’t the first attempt to re-create Link’s Awakening in 3D-looking at you, Ballad of the Wind Fishbut this is the most compelling one I’ve seen yet.You can bet I will be keeping an eye out for this project! If you will, support him on his Patreon page.



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