Dragon Ball Super 63 Recap & Review – “Don’t Defile Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Intense Battle!!”

This week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super continues the strong streak this series has been having with its excellent Future Trunks Arc. We start right where we left off after last week’s episode, with Vegeta and Goku continuing their respective training to prepare to face off once more against Black and Zamasu. Vegeta has been training by himself in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, while Goku has been perfecting the Mafuuba (Evil Containment Wave) technique.

The episode switches gears to the future timeline, where future Trunks has been recovering from the battle with Black. It’s a little puzzling, since it’s not really explained how Trunks and Mai were able to escape the battle. If Zamasu and Black’s plan is really to destroy all mortals, then why didn’t they finish off Trunks and Mai? Anyway, Trunks recovers quickly thanks to zensu beans provided by future Yajirobe. In the meantime, Mai has been trying to take things into her own hands, and tries to snipe Black while he and Zamasu are relaxing and having cup of tea. She is using an “energy bullet,” which is a powerful weapon developed by the late future Bulma. It’s interesting, because I don’t believe such technology has been mentioned before, and if it’s elaborated on further on, it could be an interesting way to bring the other characters in the series in the fray by making them be more powerful. It would definitely be nice to see some other characters get the spotlight, and I’m happy to see Mai take initiative in this scene.

Unfortunately, Mai misses the shot, and Trunks has to rescue her from Black’s retaliation. This restarts the awesome and epic battle between Black and Trunks, the latter of which notably goes into his new Super Trunks form once more. We then get a magnificent battle scene, where Trunks and Black clash in an epic sword fight. Trunks manages to blow Black away with a powerful move, and tries to focus his energy on Zamasu, even going as far to say that he will test the limits of Zamasu’s immortality by blowing himself up, similar to what Vegeta did to Majin Buu. However, Black sneaks up on Trunks and delivers a crushing blow by stabbing him in the back, just in time for Bulma, Goku and Vegeta to arrive back in the future timeline with Bulma’s time machine.

The duo is prepared to take down Black and Goku, but their plan is foiled when Black immediately destroys their time machine, along with the jar that they were intending to use for the Mafuuba technique. Now, our heroes are back at square one and worst of all, are stuck in the future without a way to escape. Right before the battle begins, we get an unexpected visit from Gowasu and the Supreme Kai. Gowasu expresses his disappointment at Zamasu, and asks why he killed the gods in the future timeline, when his plan was to rid the world of mortals. Black retorts that the gods would not have understood his plan, and would have tried to stop him.

One interesting detail that may become important later on is that the Supreme Kai mentions that Whis is not dead in the future timeline. However, Whis is an “angel,” a type of being that ceases to function once their god dies, if there is no god to replace them. Thus, future Whis is currently in some kind of slumber due to Beerus being dead in the future timeline. After this, we get an intense fight scene, where Goku and Vegeta battle the twin Zamasus. Meanwhile, Bulma begins talking about repairing the time machine, and suggests fixing the Mafuuba jar with… glue. Yep.

Vegeta’s training in the hyperbolic time chamber then pays off, and he begins to utterly crush Black in battle. He gives a great speech about how the reason why Black can’t match up is because he’s just an impostor, and Goku learned to use his own body after years of training. When the episode ends, it looks like Vegeta might just win against Black. Perhaps the heroes won’t need Mafuuba after all! Sadly for the heroes, it doesn’t look like things will be so peachy in the next episode. It looks like Zamasu and Black will finally fuse using their potara earrings, and the resulting being will surely be more than what Goku and Vegeta can handle on their own.

This week’s episode was extremely strong. It delivered two of the most spectacular, high-stakes fight scenes we’ve seen so far in Dragon Ball Super. It’s a very to-the-point episode that doesn’t beat around the bush, since thankfully we didn’t waste any time in getting back into the action. The only weird part is that Trunks and Mai’s escape was left unexplained-but ultimately, this is just nitpicking. Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Super coverage!

+That AWESOME sword fight between Black and Trunks

+Mai taking things into her own hands was cool

+It’s awesome to get to see Vegeta being a big badass again

+The fight scenes in this episode are stellar

-Leaving Trunks’ escape from the last fight unexplained is kind of jarring



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