Dragon Ball Super 64 Recap & Review – “Revere Him! Praise Him! Fusion Zamasu’s Explosive Birth!!”

The stakes just rose dramatically on this week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super. Continuing from last week, Vegeta continues to deliver a can of whoopass to a shocked Goku Black. However, it doesn’t take long for Black to realize that he too can harness his anger to become more powerful.

In his anger, Black summons a scythe out of his energy, and uses it to rip some sort of gash in the fabric of reality? It’s not really explained, but it is badass. We haven’t seen this sort of power before, so it shows that Black really isn’t sure what the limits of his powers are. Meanwhile, Zamasu is awed by the power displayed by Black creating an opening for Goku, who quickly goes in for the hit.

We then cut to Trunks, who has finished repairing the Mafuuba jar, but we unexpectedly find out through Mai that Zamasu is quickly flying towards the rest of the group. They panic, wondering what happened to Goku and Vegeta, so Bulma suggests that Trunks try using Mafuuba. We learn that Black was able to summon clones of himself using his scythe, and with the clones multiplying, it becomes clear that Goku and Vegeta are unable to escape to stop Zamasu from killing Bulma and Trunks.


Luckily, Bulma recorded a video of the Mafuuba being performed by Piccolo, so she lets Trunks study it in order for him to perform the move while she stalls Zamasu. Bulma tries to seduce Zamasu, which obviously doesn’t work, but she gives Trunks enough time to learn the Mafuuba, which he successfully uses to seal Zamasu in the jar. However, the team realize that they didn’t bring the seal that they need to finish the move, so Zamasu escapes.

Black notices the drop in Zamasu’s energy, and goes to the rescue. This causes the Black clones to disappear, so Goku and Vegeta follow suit. Zamasu is shocked that mortals could use such a move, and realizes how close he was to being done for. Black is similarly disturbed by this, and the two agree that they should no longer toy with our heroes and power up. Zamasu switches his potara earring, and the heroes immediately recognize what they are doing. Zamasu and Black fuse, and become the fearsome Fusion Zamasu.


This is a fantastic episode, and I’m glad to see that victory isn’t going to come to our heroes without a struggle. The action was great, there were many unexpected moments, and the use of tension and suspense in this episode was top notch. We are left with our heroes in a particularly big pinch, since we know from Dragon Ball Z’s Buu saga that fusions can be extremely powerful. Stay tuned for next week!

+Black’s scythe power-up is fearsome

+Also, Black is sadistic in this episode

+Trunks having to fast track learn the Mafuuba was nail-biting

+The reintroduction of fusion

-Trunks learning the Mafuuba in a few minutes requires a little suspension of disbelief




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