Dragon Ball Super 65 Recap & Review – “Is This the Final Judgement?! The Ultimate Power of the Absolute God”


Another week, another breathtakingly action packed episode of Dragon Ball Super! The gloves are off, and the newly fused Zamasu is no longer kidding around with our heroes. In today’s episode he showed off some hugely destructive new attacks, the kind of which we have never even seen before in the Dragon Ball universe.

The episode begins with Goku and Vegeta distracting Zamasu just enough to let Trunks, Bulma and Mai escape to safety. However, his new lightning power and Blades of Judgement ability quickly put Goku and Vegeta in their place. The destruction caused by Zamasu’s ability causes the underground hiding place where the remaining humans were located to collapse, prompting them to escape. We get a short scene where they survey the destruction caused by Zamasu, and we get to see their fear when one of the humans is killed by Zamasu’s lightning.


Having gotten Bulma and Mai to safety, Trunks decides to return to the fight. Supreme Kai and Gowasu are both taken aback by fused Zamasu’s newly gained power, but Goku and Vegeta are not prepared to give up. Goku and Vegeta try attacking Zamasu head on, but are unable to even touch him. This is when Zamasu summons a terrifying giant bird specter-thing and takes Goku and Vegeta  out in a single attack. The monster starts unleashing his power on the Earth itself, causing massive destruction.

But Goku and Vegeta get up and try their luck a second time, and they manage to destroy the monster summoned by Zamasu. They try to attack Zamasu, but he blocks their attack and quickly throws them to the ground. Trunks joins the fight, and powers up once more when he sees Vegeta being beaten so badly. Zamasu throws an energy ball attack to Trunks, and we get an epic energy beam stalemate between Trunks and Zamasu. Trunks doesn’t stand much of a chance, but Vegeta joins and lends his power to Trunks’ attack.  beamfight

Ultimately, they succeed in deflecting Zamasu’s attack, but are shocked to see that Zamasu is totally unharmed. An angered Zamasu attacks Trunks, but Vegeta jumps in the way and takes the attack to save Trunks’ life. Zamasu is about to finish the both of them off, but Goku gets up and tries using a Kamehameha bean to take the attention. The episode ends with the two still stuck in this stalemate.

Today’s episode was total action, and while our heroes are doing enough to survive, they haven’t been able to make a single dent to Zamasu. This episode was a nearly flawless display of everything that’s great about the Dragon Ball franchise: the epic, ridiculous attacks, nail-biting tension and hopeless odds. Desperate times may call for desperate measures, as we see that Goku and Vegeta may be resorting to fusion themselves to counteract Zamasu’s new power.If I were to nitpick, I would say the cut to the humans’ perspective as padding, but I did feel like seeing their awe and hopelessness at Zamasu did add to the episode. Stay tuned for the next episode!

+Zamasu’s new attacks are fearsome, and we’ve never seen anything like them before in the Dragon Ball universe. This really reinforces Zamasu’s god-like character

+Goku and Vegeta put up a fight. It’s nice to see they’re not ready to go down easily

+Holy cow, those beam attacks were INTENSE





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