Dragon Ball Super 66 Recap & Review – “The Climactic Battle! The Miraculous Power of a Relentless Warrior!”


The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! It’s been a hell of a long time since the first (and last) time Goku and Vegeta fused via potara earrings, which is technically the only canon time that they ever fused. However, they are now finally in a situation that has forced them to use this option once more. Dragon Ball Super episode 66 is all about Vegito, and the nerdgasm I got from it is unbelievable. Put your seatbelts on, because this one is a big one to digest.

The episode picks up right after the last one, with Goku and Zamasu locked in a beam struggle. Goku manages to muster all his power to deflect Zamasu’s energy ball, and it’s a direct hit to Zamasu. We see that this attack actually damaged him-half of his body turned into this purple goo, and his short lived elegant visage now matches the character. He now looks like the monster that he is. Goku takes advantage of the shock and attacks Zamasu, managing to strike him directly, and goes for a final shot using his Super Saiyan Blue Kaio Ken form that he introduced in the previous arc. However, this final attack drains Goku of his energy, and he collapses.

Gowasu explains that Zamasu’s body is falling apart due to the unique circumstances of his fusion. If you recall, Zamasu had wished for immortality using the Dragon Balls, but Goku Black did not. Thus, only half of Fusion Zamasu’s body is immortal, and the other half is failing to regenerate after Goku’s attacks. Zamasu gets up, and he looks PISSED. Since they now know Zamasu’s weakness, Goku suggests fusing with Vegeta to give one final push in their effort to defeat him. Vegeta is not thrilled at this idea-if we remember, he did not particularly enjoy being fused in the events of Dragon Ball Z.

But, eventually Vegeta caves and does it. There is a kind of weird retcon in one of these scenes that disappointed me, though. It was established in Dragon Ball Z that potara fusion is supposed to be permanent. After Goku and Vegeta fused in Z, Vegito let himself get absorbed by Super Buu, and while inside Buu he mysteriously de-fused. I suppose this was never truly explained except for Goku theorizing that being inside Buu nullified the magic that kept them fused. Vegeta then crushed his potara earring to prevent them from fusing again, and that was that. Goku mentions this event in passing in this episode, and Gowasu explains that the fusion is only permanent for Kais-for mortals, potara fusion actually lasts for one hour.

Ok, fine, I can take that retcon, but it wasn’t really necessary, since it was already established in Super that the Super Dragon Balls can undo potara fusion, so Goku and Vegeta had other ways of de-fusing. I liked the idea of potara fusion being permanent, since it requires both parties to be in an extremely desperate situation to even consider it. This change bothered me a bit, but after seeing Vegito in action, I was just fine.


Vegito comes out swinging, and immediately transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. Right out of the gate, this exactly the same Vegito as I remember from Z. He’s extremely cocky, and it’s fantastic to see him ridiculing Zamasu for his god complex. However, unlike the Super Buu fight, Zamasu actually gives Vegito a run for his money, even in his Blue form. Anyway, their fight is as crazy as you would expect. Vegito gets knocked down by Zamasu, who goes to finish him with his energy sword, but Vegito makes an energy beam of his own and impales Zamasu.

Zamasu explains that he planned on being half-immortal all along. He wanted to keep Goku’s ability to get stronger every time he is near death, and displays this fully. You really get a sense of how mentally deranged Zamasu is when he starts crying before transforming again. In Zamasu’s mind, he is the good guy, and he is frustrated by his own failures as a god. He then transforms once more, growing massive in size.


The scene cuts to the rest of the crew. Bulma has finished fixing the time mahcine, and Trunks decides to go help Vegito. He takes his broken sword and fills it with his energy, doing that energy sword thing that is all the rage nowadays in Super. We then go back to Vegito and Zamasu, where I start to feel bad for Zamasu with Vegito tormenting him verbally. Vegito uses his Final Kamehameha move, but Zamasu survives it. Then, suddenly, the fusion unexpectedly wears off and Vegito splits back into Goku and Vegeta.

Supreme Kai is shocked, and he says that it hasn’t been an hour yet. However, Trunks arrives just in time to stop Zamasu from killing Goku and Vegeta in a single blow. Trunks has an epic sword fight with Zamasu, the latter of which is in an absolute frenzy. Then, when everything looks like it’s over for Trunks, the humans all lend their power to Trunks in a Spirit Bomb-like fashion. Goku and Vegeta also give their power to Trunks, who uses it to… Make his sword bigger? Anyway, Trunks uses his newly found energy and impales Zamasu, and then proceeds to CUT HIM IN HALF.


Seriously, two things here. Future Trunks has a thing for dismembering villains, huh? Also, this scene is gruesome. It’s not bloody like any of the death scenes in Z, but Zamasu’s shock at being cut in two is definitely pretty dark. The episode ends on this spectacular cliffhanger.

Overall, episode 66 is a great fanservice episode, and Vegito steals the show. The fight is epic and intense. However. I have some problems with what this episode does to the canon of Dragon Ball-mainly that it throws it in the dirt.

As I mentioned before, it’s bullshit to retcon the permanent nature of potara fusions. It seriously like they just wanted Vegito in an episode for fanservice and wrote the laziest possible solution to de-fusing him. It’s not the first time that Super has disregarded the long-established canon of Dragon Ball, but it is one of the worst offenses so far. It’s just plain bad writing. Additionally, Trunks’ last minute Spirit Bomb-sword attack is cheesy, and once again makes no sense. How could Trunks possibly be strong enough to take on Zamasu, much less kill him, especially when Super Saiyan Blue Vegito, what could logically be considered one of the most powerful characters in the canon, struggled to put a dent in him? It’s truly ridiculous and the power scaling just doesn’t make sense here.

So, I do have problems with the writing here. Like, big problems. But, as far as the animation goes, this episode is awesome.The fight between Vegito and Zamasu is very well coreographed and I did like the scenario of Zamasu’s fusion going haywire due to its unique circumstances. Zamasu’s character continues to be one of the best villains, I especially loved him going absolutely nuts in this episode now that the tables have been turned. I will admit, I feel like due to the writing, this is not as strong as the past few episodes, but it is still great. It looks like this will wrap up the Future Trunks arc of super, so we will see next week what comes next!

+Super Saiyan Blue Vegito kicks some serious ass

+Zamasu is still one of the most deranged and crazy villains in the Dragon Ball canon

+Seeing Zamasu sliced in half was awesome

-Potara fusion was retconned to be only for an hour. This is absolutely terrible writing

-Trunks is way more powerful than he should be. He beats Zamasu by pulling a super powerful attack out of his ass. This is Mary Sue levels of ridiculous now



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