The Walking Dead 704 Recap & Review – “Service”

In this week’s Walking Dead episode, we finally get a pulse check on our heroes in the Alexandria Safe Zone. Safe to say, things are not going well. Spoilers follow the break.

The episode begins with Michonne grabbing a rifle and leaving Alexandria to go for target practice. Rosita and Spencer are about to leave on a run when Negan unexpectedly shows up at Alexandria’s gate with the Saviors. Rick notes that Negan is early-it has not been a full week like he said in the season premiere. Daryl is with them, and he looks totally defeated-it’s pretty hard to watch. Negan tells the Saviors to go search the houses and take supplies. Dwight, back in asshole mode, orders Rosita and Spencer to go fetch Daryl’s bike.

Negan asks Rick about Maggie, making creepy comments about making her his wife. Father Gabriel jumps in and says that she died, which is pretty crafty on the surface, but I have a feeling that this lie might come to bite them in the ass. They hear a gunshot go off and run to investigate. Turns out it’s Carl making shitty decisions again-this time, he’s threatening a Savior for taking their medical supplies. Negan spares Carl because he likes him, but Negan decides to take all of team family’s guns as a punishment.

Olivia takes the Saviors to the armory to go fetch the guns. We get a scene between Negan and Rick, where Negan decides not to take any of Alexandria’s food. Negan commands Rick to thank him, but he just gets Rick’s cold stone eyes. Spencer and Rosita find Daryl’s bike, and Spencer talks about how Rick got them into this mess, and questions his leadership. Rosita is pretty pissed. She goes kill some walkers and gets herself into some trouble, but loots a gun from them as a prize. Back in Alexandria, the Saviors find that there are two pistols missing from the Alexandria armory. Negan commands Rick to find the guns, and threatens to kill Olivia if they don’t find them. Rick calls a meeting with the whole town and tells them that he is no longer in charge, Negan is.

Rick commends Gabriel on his quick thinking with the Maggie situation. Gabriel says that Rick is his “friend,” and I just chortled at the awkwardness of that scene. Rick finds that Spencer had a hidden stash of goods, and finds the guns there, along with food and booze. He brings the guns to Negan and defuses the situation. However, at that time, Michonne arrives, so Rick goes to talk to her. He convinces her to hand over her rifle, and the Saviors take the deer that she had shot. Rosita and Spencer have returned to Alexandria with Daryl’s bike. Dwight taunts him with it, and we get a scene where Negan asks Daryl if he wants to stay in Alexandria, but Daryl refuses. It’s starting to feel kinda like Daryl is in the same situation as Theon/Reek in Game of Thrones here.

Rick confronts Spencer about the missing guns and gives him shit about it. Spencer acts like a child and makes a shitty comment about Abe and Glenn. Rick understandably is not happy, and threatens to break Spencer’s jaw. Rosita is also not happy with Spencer. Michonne is surprised that Rick does not seem to want to fight the Saviors. He tells Michonne about how he knows that Judith is Shane’s and not his, and how he had to accept this fact. I think he’s trying to make a connection to how they have to just accept their shitty situation, but it kind of falls flat to me. The episode ends with Rosita giving Eugene a visit, and asking him to make her bullets for her gun.

This weeks’ episode was snail-paced. Thankfully, the tension from last week carried over, and Negan got plenty of screen time. He also got to recite some of his comic book lines, especially at the end when he tells Rick “I just slid my dick down your throat, and you thanked me for it!” Unfortunately, “Negan comes to Alexandria and takes their shit” is not a good premise for an extended 90-minute episode. Seriously, the pace of the show hasn’t been this bad since Season 2 or 3. There’s really not much more to say about this episode. I’m amazed at how little happened, but as always, I’m glad to see all of the screen time that Negan is getting. Stay tuned for next week!

+Negan being Negan

+I loved all the tension between Rick and the Alexandrians. Things are not well

-Doesn’t have enough plot movement to justify a 60 minute episode, much less a 90 minute one. The episode can be summed up as “The Saviors came to Alexandria and took all of their mattresses and guns”

-Some awkward moments with some of the characters, particularly Father Gabriel’s scenes



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