Dragon Ball Super 67 Recap & Review – “With New Hope!! In our Hearts Farewell, Trunks”

After last week’s massive episode of Dragon Ball Super, the Future Trunks arc is finally coming to a close. However, their apparent victory during last week’s battle may not be all what it seems. Spoilers to follow the break.

So, after Trunks’s bullshit sword attack split Zamasu in two, Zamasu disappears in a flash of light. The team begins to celebrate, and Goku mentions the similarities between Trunks’s final move and the Spirit Bomb. However, they celebrated too early, and suddenly, Zamasu’s evil presence begins to take hold again. This time, it is in the creepy form of a bunch of clouds with his face. Gowasu mentions that Zamasu has shed his form as a god and is trying to “become the universe.” Goku and Vegeta are unable to power up due to using up all of their power while fighting as Vegito. Zamasu begins blasting down on Earth, and his power begins to even affect the present timeline, which puts Beerus and Whis on notice immediately.

When the smoke clears, Trunks realizes that Zamasu’s attack has killed all of the remaining Earthling survivors. Tragically, Trunks and Mai are all that is left of future Earth, which makes Mai freak out. At the last moment, Goku finds the button that Zeno gave him in the last arc. He summons Zeno in an effort to defeat Zamasu. However, Zeno’s childlike demeanor backfires after he decides to destroy everything, not just Zamasu. The survivors quickly rush to hop into the time machine, and manage to escape as Zeno destroys what remains of Zamasu and Earth.

Goku is not done, though, and decides to take the time machine back to the future with Trunks to fetch Zeno and bring him back. They take future Zeno to meet his present-day counterpart. They decide to play with each other, and everything is good. We get a short scene where we find out that Zeno’s Grand Priest is Whis’s father. We sure seems to be finding out more and more about Whis here and there, so I wonder if this is all leading anywhere.

Whis suggests that he might be able to return future Trunks and Mai to a version of their timeline before it was destroyed. Whis suggests that he can warn the future version of himself and Beerus to Zamasu’s presence before he kills all the gods. This creates a version of the timeline where Beerus was able to take out Zamasu before all of this happened, letting Trunks and Mai return to their own time. Yeah, I don’t see how fucking with time further like this is going to help, but ok. We get a farewell scene, where our crew says goodbye, and just like that, Trunks and Mai leave. As he leaves, Trunks sees Gohan from our timeline, which reminds him of Future Gohan’s death all the way back in the History of Trunks TV special of Dragon Ball Z. It’s a great call-back for fans of Z, and a nice capstone in the story of Future Trunks.

And just like that, the Future Trunks arc of Dragon Ball Super is now over. Overall, it was a great run, even if it had a slightly infuriating ending filled with inconsistencies and a very bad retcon. This episode was a great sum of the whole thing. Zamasu’s last gasp proved how intense he was as a villain, taking all of Earth with him in his dying breath. However, we resort to more unnecesarily ridiculous time manipulation to put Trunks back in his timeline, when there are a thousand cleaner ways to have done it.Let’s hope Dragon Ball Super can continue to deliver on strong action and awesomeness in the future arcs to come!

+Zamasu becoming a weird cloud-being is solidifies how insane he is

+Zeno being summoned to blow everything up. It is truly terrifying how such a child-like being has so much power

-Jesus Christ, what the hell is it with Whis’s suggesting to create yet another timeline just so we can send Trunks and Mai on their way? This storytelling is almost steam of consciousness

-I wish there was more characterization to Zeno. We really don’t get much out of him except for a bunch of explosions

-All of Trunks’s weirdness, from his Super Trunks transformation to his spirit bomb-sword attack were left kind of unexplained



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