The Walking Dead 705 Recap & Review – “Go Getters”

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we focus on what has been going on in the Hilltop Colony, and we get to catch up with Maggie and Sasha.

Maggie wakes up beside the doctor from Hilltop. Turns out that Maggie is fine, and she has recovered from her pregnancy complications, and the baby is fine. She gets some time to mourn Glenn when she visits his grave. Sasha and Maggie get a nice touching moment, and we get our first look at Jesus in this season, who has been helping Sasha and Maggie. Gregory, however, is not very happy with their presence, since he is terrified that the Saviors will find out that Hilltop was conspiring with Alexandria to overthrow them. Gregory tells them that they have to leave Hilltop by the morning, which angers them, especially due to Maggie’s health condition.

Meanwhile, in Alexandria, Rick and crew go out on a run for supplies after being totally ransacked during the last episode. Carl catches Enid escaping to visit Maggie, and Carl lets her go. This doesn’t last for long, though, since Carl summons a car out of somewhere just to total it in order to save Enid from a single walker (What the fuck?). The two decide to continue to the Hilltop together. There was some nice dialogue about how they really want to kill Negan, which is pretty striking conversation for two teenagers. However, this is balanced out by a ridiculous scene where they find some skates and decide to skate their way to Hilltop like idiots.

Back at Hilltop, Maggie and Sasha are sleeping at Jesus’s house when Hilltop’s gate is breached and a bunch of walkers make it in. We get a nice action scene where they take care of the mess without any problems. In the morning, they try to use this as a bargaining chip to try and get Gregory to let them stay, but it doesn’t work. Suddenly, the Saviors roll into the Hilltop, and our crew enters panic mode. Gregory asks Jesus to hide Maggie and Sasha in a closet. Simon and his cronies walk into Gregory’s house and starts talking about the Saviors outpost that Alexandria took out back in episode 612. Looks like Simon has some suspicion already that Hilltop was involved in the attack, since this outpost took supplies from Hilltop or something. Gregory freaks out after some intimidation from Simon, and he doesn’t put up a real fight.

Gregory decides to rat out Sasha and Maggie, but is surprised when Jesus actually hid them somewhere else. The Saviors leave without finding Sasha and Maggie, and begin to pack up half of Hilltop’s supplies, like they did with Alexandria. Carl and Enid make it to Hilltop, after which they get a quick first kiss (!) and go their separate ways. Carl’s self-destructive mission is to sneak into the Savior’s home base and kill Negan. I’m not really buying it here in the show. In the comic books, this decision by Carl was the impulsive quick action of a kid, and that just doesn’t come across here. Anyway, Enid meets up with Maggie and shares a couple of tender moments with Maggie and Sasha.

Jesus confronts Gregory about ratting out Maggie and Sasha, and finally gets Gregory to let them stay by threatening to rat him out to the Saviors. Sasha asks him if he can find out where the Saviors’ main compound is, and he agrees to find it. He climbs into the back of Simon’s van as they are leaving, and is surprised to see Carl hidden there already.

Like last week’s episode, there is very little plot movement in this episode, but it is slightly better due to the interactions between Jesus, Maggie and Gregory, who have an interesting mechanic to them. Like last week, the Saviors come to knock the heroes around, but instead of Negan himself, this time it’s Simon who pays Hilltop a visit. Simon is very much like Negan, with a very sick sense of humor. However, Simon feels more unhinged and volatile, so I’m very interested to see what kind of chaos he will cause in the future.

While the action at the Hilltop was mostly good, this episode was held back a little bit by the cringe-worthy Carl and Enid scenes. What was the point of all of this? The plot would have made way more sense if Carl had snuck into the Saviors’s van when they were at Alexandria. Why the hell wait until after they leave and then seek them out? Also, why does it seem like the kids have no sense of self-preservation when they’re out in the wild? Watching them skate down the street with the threat of zombies looming is meant to be cute, but in reality it’s just infuriating.

+Finally getting to see Maggie and Sasha mourn their losses

+Jesus is back! Gregory is back as well, and still just as much of an asshole

+The encounter with the saviors was much impactful than last week, since it was not as drawn out

-Another episode that is more about its location and “catch up” than actual story

-Carl and Enid stupidity. Just all of their scenes in this episode




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