Let’s Talk About Lunafreya

HUGE Final Fantasy XV spoilers follow.

I’ve read and watched a lot on Lunafreya Nox Fleuret’s portrayal within Final Fantasy XV. She is the most important female character to the story, not only being Noctis’s sort of love interest, but most importantly, playing a pivotal role in the story’s midpoint by, well, dying.

Lunafreya got very little screentime as a whole within the game. It’s obvious from earlier trailers and teasers that she was originally intended to have a larger role within the game, but the game’s tumultuous development forced that to be scrapped. Instead, what we got is a very small glimpse at who she was. We still don’t much about Luna, and I think she could have been improved by giving us more glimpses at her relationship with Noctis while they were children.

But, I’m here to argue that Luna’s role in the story is actually great, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For half of the game or more, she is the group’s eventual goal. Although the wedding between Noctis and Luna was purely political in nature, we do get the sense that they have a deep friendship that stretches back to their childhood.The game’s tone at this point is very light, and you feel like we will eventually meet up with Luna and get her help in gathering the game’s many summons. She does help you with one, at least, but not before meeting her maker at the hands of our main villain, Ardyn.

She May Not Have Been a Deep Character, But She Was a Terrific Plot Device

As I mentioned before, the game was very light in tone before her death. Our heroes simply prance around at a slow pace around the continent of Lucis, growing in power. Even when they first arrive at Altissia, it is still light, with the group enjoying the sights of this new city, and thinking about how they’re going to take down the empire and get sweet, sweet revenge for Lucis. On top of this, there’s hope. Noctis is finally in the same place as Luna, and by all indications, the game is about to have a tender reunion between these two long-separated friends.

But things quickly take a turn for the worst. It becomes apparent that our heroes may have bitten off more than they can chew. While Noctis is fighting Leviathan, Ardyn swoops in and stabs Luna in the gut, as Noctis hopelessly watches from the distance. A dozen emotions ran through me at that point. Shock, pain, disbelief, anger. Noctis and Luna haven’t even had the chance to talk yet! Maybe she’ll survive? She doesn’t die right away, and she’s the oracle! She should be able to heal herself, right?

That’s not the case. She passes, and Noctis has a short magical dream conversation with her where she gives him the Ring of the Lucii as they say their final goodbyes. This death is brilliant, because we’re feeling the same emotions that Noctis is feeling. Noctis has also been looking forward to meeting Luna, to get to know her better, but in an instant, this is all ripped away from him.


So, while it’s sad that Luna didn’t really get to really be her own character, her effect on Noctis’s character is felt very deeply following her tragic death. The plot often goes off the rails at this point, but taking it for what it is, I think the end result is great, and heart-crushingly tragic.


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