Nintendo Switch Presentation – Live Thoughts

We’re about just one hour until Nintendo’s Switch presentation! I am going to be updating this post through the night with my thoughts about the presentation. Stay tuned!

10:30 – The stream is live! Right now, I’m listening to what seems to be the audio from last year’s trailer, but there’s no video yet.

10:36 – Eerie silence…

10:42 – We got video! There’s a lazer show with trancy techno music.

10:50 – Man, if I were in the audience I would have had a seizure by now!

10:55 – I’m really interested in seeing how Nintendo is going to handle the content of this presentation. I’m not sure if they’ve really had a worldwide stream like this before-typically they split up Nintendo Directs by region. 5 more minutes to go!

10:55 – The music right now is giving me WILD Metroid vibes. I hope it’s not just my brain playing tricks with me!

10:58 – Music seems to be winding down. I can’t remember the last time I was this hyped!

10:59 – Oh my god it’s a countdown!! One more minute!!

10:59 – This countdown is going to end with the Switch “click.”

11:00 – CALLED IT

11:01 – President Kimishima has entered the stage!

11:02 – He’s talking about how well received October’s trailer for the Switch was.

11:02 – Holy SHIT. The Switch is releasing March 3rd WORLDWIDE!

11:03 – Price will be $299.99 in America. Not bad, within my expected range.

11:03 – Moving on to online services. He’s detailing the services. There’s chat and matchmaking. The service will be free at launch, but will become paid later. Looks similar to PlayStation Plus.

11:04 – HOLY SHIT!!! The Switch will be Region Free!! I repeat—The Switch is NOT Region Locked!!

11:05 – Moving on to a retrospective about Nintendo’s past consoles.

11:06 – Detailing how Nintendo Switch is condensing the features of all of the past Nintendo consoles.

11:07 – Trailer time! It’s showing how the Switch works. You can dock the controller to play on the TV, and undock to play on the go. Stuff we know already.

11:08 – Mode 1 – Play on your TV, Mode 2 – pull out the kickstand and play with the joycons separated, Mode 3 – Handheld Mode, you play with the joycons on the side.

11:09 – Battery life ranges from 2:30 to 6:30 hours.

11:09 – Capacitive touch panel and USB charger confirmed.

11:10 – Up to 8 switches can link together wirelessly for local play.

11:10 – Moving on to the Joycons!!

11:11 – The Joycons look kind of small! He’s running through the features. So far it matches up perfectly with the patents.

11:12 – The capture button can capture screenshots, later on, it will be able to capture video as well.

11:13 – Haha, Nintendo calls the mini configuration “sharing the joy.”

11:13 – Joycon variations are confirmed! Joycons will have straps like the Wii Remote and come in different colors!

11:14 – Strap will come with the console.

11:15 – The IR port detects hand motions!

11:15 – The Joycons have a new feature called “HD Rumble,” which provide realistic sensations.

11:16 – Games time!!

11:16 – We’re in the wild west. Looks like this is some kind of quickdraw game. Looks hella fun.

11:18 – Looks like the rumor of 1 2 Switch being the system’s showcase mini-game compilation is real! Looks like it involves 2-player mini games.

11:19 – It looks like it involves games you can play without looking at the screen. Looks great for parties. 1 2 Switch will be a launch title.

11:21 – Next game has 2 people boxing with each other with long spring-like arms? Looks weird as hell.

11:23 – It’s called Arms. It reminds me of Splatoon, stylistically.

11:25 – Looks motion control heavy.

11:26 – Supports multiplayer, and has online play. Not a launch title-looks like it’s a “spring” title. Hahahahaha

11:27 – Speak of the devil, it’s a trailer for Splatoon!!!!

11:28 – I never knew how much I needed new Splatoon music in my life. There’s new maps, new weapons, it looks in-fucking-credible.

11:28 – It’s a full sequel! Splatoon 2!! YES!!

11:29 – This presentation could end right now and I would be so happy.

11:29 – New weapon – Splat Duelies, it’s basically dual-wielded splat guns.

11:30 – Playable on your TV and on the go. You press X to look at the map, so this is the workaround to the lack of GamePad screen.

11:31 – Splatoon 2 will be released this summer. It’s gonna be CRAZY.

11:32 – MARIO TIME!!


11:33 – This looks INCREDIBLE

11:33 – Mario in a big city, Mario in a beautiful forest, Mario in incredible, trippy landscapes. It looks gorgeous.

11:34 – Mario can throw his cap to attack. This looks more like Galaxy than 3D Land.

11:34 – It’s called Super Mario Odyssey.

11:35 – It’s going to be a large, sandbox Mario game akin to Super Mario 64. Mario is going to be ending up in the “real” world somehow.

11:36 – Super Mario Odyssey is coming this holiday. This seriously looks incredible, I can’t stress this enough.

11:37 – Monolith Soft time!!

11:37 – Cool looking RPG is being shown off! The landscapes are very Xenoblade-esque.

11:38 – WELP. NINTENDO WINS. This gorgeous game is none other than Xenoblade 2. I’m shitting myself.

11:39 – Fire Emblem time. It’s just a teaser. No title or release date.

11:40 – There are over 80 games for development for the Switch.

11:40 – Square has Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI, but they are now confirming Dragon Quest Heroes I & II will come to the switch as well.

11:41 – New Atlus game.

11:42 – Creepy room with a bunch of demons. It’s Shin Megami Tensei! Apparently it’s a ways off-they have just started development.

11:42 – New Square Enix game. It looks really cool, it’s got 3D environments with 16-bit sprites. It’s called Project Octopath Traveller. 

11:44 – SEGA time. No games… Just them saying they are developing stuff.

11:45 – Bethesda time. Todd Howard just confirmed Skyrim is coming to the Switch.

11:46 – Suda 51 has the floor now. Uhh…. the translator is having some issues?

11:46 – Travis Touchdown is making a comeback on the Nintendo Switch! Looks like a sequel to No More Heroes, but the final title hasn’t been decided. It looks like they have been working with indie developers.

11:47 – This translator now sounds like he’s having trouble.

11:48 – EA and Bill Trinen are on the stage! Bill is showing off his Japanese skills as a translator!

11:50 – The newest FIFA will be coming to the Switch. Yawn.

11:52 – Highlight reel tme! Starting with Mario Odyssey. Splaytoon 2. Minecraft : Story Mode, Rayman, it’s going too fast!

11:54 – Minecraft, Arms, Steep, Mario Kart, Skyrim are another few that I saw.

11:54 – Kimishima mentions they have a new IP in the works.

11:55 – He’s detailing the package. You will get a Switch, the Joycons, the dock, a grip, strap, HDMI cable and AC adapter.

11:56 – Will come in gray Joycon and color Joycon versions. They will cost the same.

11:56 – He’s handing it off to Nintendo of Europe and America. Europe is first. He’s announcing events where you can play the Switch in Frankfurt, Paris and London.

11:58 – Reggie time! Nintendo Switch will be on display on 6 different cities in America.

11:59 – Yawn. Reggie talking about how great the Switch is.

11:59 – Reggie is talking about Zelda‘s soundtrack!

12:00 – Reggie asked Miyamoto if he knows Zelda’s launch date. He deferred the question to Aonuma. They deferred the question to Kimishima.

12:01 – Kimishima deferred the question! They’re being so coy, it has to be coming at launch.

12:01 – YES. ZELDA

12:02 – Beautiful environments being shown for Breath of the Wild. The music is incredible.

12:03 – More voice acting! An old lady (Impa?) is talking about the Calamity Ganon. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

12:04 – I’m about to cry, the emotions running through me are insane.

12:05 – Yeah, that was for sure, 100% without a doubt, the best video game trailer of all time.

12:05 – It’s a launch title. Someone please put me into a coma and wake me up on March 3.

12:05 – That’s a wrap! That was an incredible drop-the-mic moment. Alright, I need to go watch that trailer a hundred more times. Good night!


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