There’s Something Fishy About Zelda in Breath of the Wild

So, with Breath of the Wild just a few days away, I’ve been thinking about the game’s story. Last month’s trailer heavily featured this game’s version of Zelda. Hell, the trailer culminates on a line that I have to assume is coming from the king of Hyrule-“You must save her… My daughter.”

So, this game must be about us trotting around Hyrule on a quest to save Zelda, right? Or better yet, we’ll travel with her and discover Hyrule with our favorite titular monarch! Much has been said about her travel outfit, after all!

Hmmm… It’s just not fitting together for me. I will be talking about content from the trailers, so spoiler warning for the spoiler sensitive.

As we know, the main driving force behind the exposition of this Zelda game is that our protagonist, Link, is an amnesiac who has been in a “resurrection” chamber for the past 100 years, after a great calamity struck the kingdom of Hyrule. Most of the cutscenes shown in the trailers seem to take place before this time skip. The images of Hyrule Castle Town being destroyed, Link’s battle with the guardians… Something is just weird about all of this.

Now, let’s jump into theory territory here. What if we only see Zelda in this game through flashbacks? What if Zelda, the king, Impa, and all of the other people Link may know from his past were… Well, dead? That would be absolutely nuts, if you ask me. Unless all of the other characters are somehow locked in resurrection chambers as well, it wouldn’t make sense for the entire cast to survive the apparent time skip, except immortal characters such as the Great Deku Tree.

Take a look at this piece of art from the game:

At first glance, this may look like Link and Zelda holding the Master Sword together, but take a closer look. This is two separate scenes, split down the middle. Zelda is holding a ruined Master Sword, while Link is holding a restored version of the blade. What if Zelda, in the distant past, is placing the sword in its pedestal in the Lost Woods, for Link to pull it out 100 years later? This could be Link and Zelda in two different time periods! God, this is making me tingle with excitement!

How striking would it be for Link to spend his time retracing Zelda’s steps from 100 years ago, being guided by her ghostly voice, to learn how to defeat Ganon and retrieve the Master Sword? We are now just 1 week away from the release of Breath of the Wild. Expect to hear more from me once I receive my copy on March 3rd!


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