Okay, Arms, You’ve Got My Attention

Nintendo’s newest IP, Arms, left me a bit puzzled when it was first announced. It looked fun, but the idea seemed kind of shallow, like Wii Sports‘ boxing game with a coat of Disney paint. With Nintendo’s newest Direct presentation, they’ve given us an in depth look at the gameplay of Arms, and what kind of experience it will offer. I have to say, this game is looking much more interesting than I initially gave it credit for.

We learned a couple of things in this Direct. Some of it we already knew: you can swap out your fighter’s arms, and each arm seems to have its own functionality and attributes. What we didn’t know is that arms can have elemental attributes, such as ice for freezing enemies or lightning to stun them. Additionally, the design for these Arms is much more ridiculous and fun than I initially thought, with designs as crazy as a dragon arm, and the weird “ramram” arm.

There is a moment where they show a one-on-one battle between the new fighter, Minmin and Spring Man and… Wow, this looks like a lot of fun! But not only that, it looks interesting, tactical and strategic. Couple this gameplay with unique stages, and even the announced 2v2 mode, and suddenly this game is looking like a great proposition.

I wasn’t planning on getting Arms originally, but it is definitely on my radar now. Hopefully the roster of fighters, stages and the amount of arms you can use is large enough to make this a worthwhile purchase, but for me, Nintendo has caught my attention now. You can look forward to Arms when it releases for the Switch on June 16th.


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