Review – Mighty Gunvolt Burst


Mighty Gunvolt Burst is the sequel to 2014’s Mighty Gunvolt, a short crossover between the good Azure Striker Gunvolt games, and the not-so-good Mighty No. 9. I never played the original Mighty Gunvolt, but I can vouch for this game being a good throwback to the classic Mega Man games. Developed by Inti Games, the developers behind the excellent Mega Man Zero series on the GBA, Burst elegantly packs enough nostalgia for those who crave a new Mega Man game, while carrying enough unique ideas to set it apart.

Unsurprisingly,  Burst plays a lot like an old-school Mega Man game. You will be traversing several levels filled with platforming challenges and enemies. At the end of each level is a boss, in this case, Mighty No. 9‘s Mighty Numbers, which are pleasantly good here. The levels have a good variety of gimmicks, even if none of these–except perhaps for the final levels–feel fresh and original.

Two Worlds Colliding

The main gimmick here is that you can play as Beck or Gunvolt, and each carry elements from their particular games. Beck can eventually perform a dash, which should be familiar to Mega Man fans, and Gunvolt can jump multiple times and summon lightning. Each feels pretty different, but the main success in Burst is with its customization system.


In Burst, you can customize your gun to your heart’s content. Each stage has a hidden customization, which you can then use to change up your play style. You can make your bullets curve, or go in a wave pattern. You can make them bounce off walls, or make them go through walls entirely. You can get the ability to charge up your shot, or change the elemental properties of it. This is all controlled by CP points, which limit the amount of combinations you can make, but you can gain CP while you play, giving the game a sense of progression.

This system is great. It’s just unfortunate that it feels a little useless when pinned against these levels. The problem is, Mighty Gunvolt Burst is an easy game. I beat all of these levels pretty quickly, without any problems at all. I’m not saying I wanted this game to be as ridiculously difficult as the old Mega Man games, but it would have been nice to present some sort of challenge that would have forced you to use the customization system creatively. Presently, you can mess around and customize your bullets, but there’s really no reward to doing so except making the game even easier (or harder) on yourself.

Virtually Great


Aside from that, Burst is a treat. Its visual style is evocative of the NES days, but still bursts with color and has visual effects to make it stand out. The music is great. The jumping physics are spot-on. Even the characters, dialogue and story are a treat. Though it lacks much of a challenge, the levels do have occasional “a-ha!” moments. Many levels have creative designs, such as the level where everything is dark, or the level where you have to explore multiple branching paths to open a door. For the price, I’d say the variety and quality of the levels is pretty much perfect. However, it’s hard to shake off the feeling that this could be so much more. Mighty Gunvolt Burst has the skeleton of a great game, but it ends before it really reaches its full potential.


  • Customization system is a lot of fun to play around with.
  • Visuals and music evoke the NES Mega Man games very well.
  • The level design is generally good.
  • Being able to pick from Beck or Gunvolt gives the game some variety and replayability.


  • Levels are short, and you can beat this game in one or two sittings.
  • Not a lot of incentive to use the customization system creatively. 
  • The difficulty is kept very low, especially with the customization system in play. 



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