One Thing Makes the Switch Pro Controller a Must Buy

I held off on getting a Pro Controller for the switch for quite a long time, mainly because I wanted to give the Joy Con controllers and their grip a fair go. I have to say, I loved them! I played 120 blissful hours of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild using Nintendo’s new concept. However, when playing Snake Pass‘s tricky platforming challenges, as well as the Splatoon 2 testfire event, it became apparent that I needed something with more substantial control sticks to provide better accuracy for certain types of games.

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Rintendo’s Twitch Channel!


Hi everyone! Please check out and follow my new Twitch channel! I will be doing quiet (for now) playthroughs of games you might be interested in, if you’re the type that likes that kind of thing.

Currently, I’m playing through The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, and I’ll most likely continue playing through other Zelda games in preparation for the March release of Breath of the Wild.

Check it out below! I will be doing some more streaming tonight. live video from rintendoblog on

Examining the Guts of the Nintendo Switch

Last month, Nintendo filed a patent for the functionality of the Switch. In preparation for the opening of the floodgates on the 12th of this month, let’s examine what we know about the Switch, including these patents. Note that the information here may not be final, but this is coming from Nintendo, so it’s going to give us a good idea of what we’re going to get.

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My Favorite Games of 2016

“Game of the year.” It’s such a weird title to give anything, given that video games can be as different as apples and oranges. Me, I’m just a single person, and I haven’t played nearly enough 2016 games to feel comfortable hailing any game as “game of the year.” So what I will be doing today is going through the games I’ve played this year and picking out the ones that I’ve enjoyed the best.

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Game Review – Final Fantasy XV

Note: For the purposes of this review, I played the PS4 version of this game. This game is available on PS4 and XBox One

OK, everyone. Final Fantasy XV is a gargantuan game to tackle, so I’m going to start with a couple of TL;DR points, in case reading a huge review isn’t your thing:

Final Fantasy XV is a good RPG. A great RPG, in fact. It truly deserves a place in the same pantheon as the other great Final Fantasy games. However, it is a complicated one to tackle. It is such a massive game, so vast in scope, that it inevitably misses some of the numerous targets that it tries to hit. Did anyone ever really expect that this game would live up to its decade old hype? I don’t think any game can. The point is, there are annoyances, but Final Fantasy XV is really, really good. OK? Good.

First announced all the way back in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, XV was born as a PS3 companion game to Final Fantasy XIII. Production went slowly due to the game’s ballooning  scope, until production was eventually rebooted on the then-next generation consoles, and in 2013, the game was re-branded as the next numbered entry in the series. With that re-branding, the game ended up becoming its own entity in the Final Fantasy canon, and shed its relation to XIII. I will hold back on the spoilers in this review, since I will be writing another, separate article to tackle the story by itself. So if you’re worried about spoilers, don’t worry because I will only mention specifics where it helps me describe the gameplay.

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