Wii U




Nintendo 64


Game Boy/Color


Rating Scale:

10 – Perfect, must-buy

9.5 – Incredible, outstanding experience, but just short of being perfect

9.0 – Outstanding game with a few annoyances that do not detract from the experience

8.5 – Game has annoyances that affect the experience, but the package as a whole is great

8.0 – Game is not perfect, and it has annoyances that make it not be for everyone, but I think it’s a great game

7.5 – I experienced frustration with parts of the game, but I came out thinking it was good

7.0 – The game has serious problems, but it has good ideas that make it worth a purchase

6.5 – I enjoy the game, but the problems are serious enough where I would not recommend purchasing it unless you are a hardcore fan

6.0 – The game is OK. The good outweighs the bad, but the bad greatly detracts from the experience, to the point where I would not recommend the game for purchase

5.5 – The good only slightly outweighs the bad. I would not recommend the game for purchase

5.0 – Bad game with good ideas. Equal parts good and bad

4.0 – Terrible game. Has some good ideas here and there, but it is overall bad

3.0 – Awful game that maybe has a silver lining, but I would never recommend to anyone

2.0 – Game is so bad that I don’t know why I even wasted my time playing it

1.0 – Absolute waste of time. Breaks new ground for how bad a game can be