Impressions from the Arms Global Testpunch Event

With this weekend’s Arms Global Testpunch wrapped up (There are additional times next weekend), I’m pretty surprised to say I’ve come out with a more skeptical opinion of Nintendo’s newest Switch game. I was really looking forward to Arms, and to an extent, I really did enjoy my time with it this weekend. However, there are some concerns that I have now after playing it, which I will address here.

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Okay, Arms, You’ve Got My Attention

Nintendo’s newest IP, Arms, left me a bit puzzled when it was first announced. It looked fun, but the idea seemed kind of shallow, like Wii Sports‘ boxing game with a coat of Disney paint. With Nintendo’s newest Direct presentation, they’ve given us an in depth look at the gameplay of Arms, and what kind of experience it will offer. I have to say, this game is looking much more interesting than I initially gave it credit for.

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Review – Super Bomberman R


After a long lull, the white bomber is back! The last time we saw him, Bomberman was gracing consoles with fun entries in the series that focused on delivering thrilling multiplayer experiences. Now, he’s back on the Nintendo Switch with a brand new, entry that tests the Switch’s capabilities as a portable multiplayer gaming device. However, it also touts a full single player campaign that calls back to the says of the old Super Bomberman series on the SNES. So, is this a blast, or is it a dud?

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Review – Fast RMX


How long has it been since Nintendo has made an F-Zero game? Far too long. It’s no surprise then that it’s up to other developers to pick up the slack with futuristic, preposterously fast racers. Enter Shin’en Multimedia, and their Fast Racing franchise. Fast RMX is an enhanced version of 2015’s Fast Racing Neo on the Wii U, containing all of the game’s original tracks, as well as all of the DLC and 6 brand new courses, for a whopping 30 race tracks. For $20, this game seemed like a steal, so I dipped right in and checked it out.

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A Week With the Switch – Nintendo Switch Impressions

Handling a brand new piece of gaming hardware never ceases to be a magical experience, especially when the system is great. Even better is when you have an incredible piece of software to go along with it. Nintendo’s new portable/home console hybrid system, the Nintendo Switch, is all of the above. So far, it has the potential to be the comeback that Nintendo badly needs.

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Examining the Guts of the Nintendo Switch

Last month, Nintendo filed a patent for the functionality of the Switch. In preparation for the opening of the floodgates on the 12th of this month, let’s examine what we know about the Switch, including these patents. Note that the information here may not be final, but this is coming from Nintendo, so it’s going to give us a good idea of what we’re going to get.

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